Meet Some Lingerie Models Trend for This Year

2017 is already there and it’s time to give that renewed in the wardrobe to begin the new year with renewal and high spirits. And cannot be different in intimate fashion, isn’t it? Be to please the partner or mainly to increase your self-esteem, it’s great to buy new parts.

So enjoy this moment and check out five lingerie models trend for this new year.Check out:

1. Lingerie Models With Prints

The print models will come with all this year! For those who want to take away the monotony of monochrome models, it’s time to play this trend!

There are options for all tastes, from the most simple with only a few details in this format (for example, edge of underwear) up to the wildest, among them the Darling animal print, which also continues in high this year.

And a mistake to think that most are infantilizados models-most of them are pretty sexy, huh?

2. Geometric Cuts

The geometric cuts, which began gaining strength in swimwear also appear as a strong tendency of lingerie models in this year. Square, triangular cuts angles well delimited are one of the biggest bets of the year and can be combined with other traditional pieces.

3. Colorful Pieces

No basics! The lingerie models that will be trend in 2017 come with many colors for you who want to break the routine. No basic colors such as black, white and beige. It comes in the colors pink, sets high yellow, blue and red.

In addition, the combinations of colors are quite encouraged, and Yes, using enough colors on it. No combine only with neutral colors. For example, how about combine Blue with red, blue or yellow, for example? Ouse, test, combine and storm!

4. Strappy Bra

The strappy bra he was one of the lingerie models more purchased, ones and loved ones in 2016 and he continues with everything in 2017. The strips that stand out on the clothes and lend an air broderie sexy, charming and unique to the look, as well as highlight shoulder and the neck, giving a highlighted in the body of the woman.

New formats of cops, new cuts, new colors are coming this year and promise to give a remodeled in strappy bras, leaving them more charming and elegant yet!

5. Bras Without Bulge

After years of reign of padded Bras, fashion brings back the lingerie models without the famous filling and which are coming with everything in 2017.

These templates are good for more women on steroids and they don’t want another plus for your bust and also for those that want more comfortable models and who feel uncomfortable with the traditional pad, regardless of breast size.

And no style model “Grandma”! The cuts are coming super valued, very sexy, perfect for those who want comfort and sensuality!

And then, what do you think of the trends for the year 2017? Wonderful, isn’t it?Which one is your favorite? Tell us here in the comments!