Meet New Models of Short Skirt Fitness

Under the skirt you have a shorts for you to be comfortable and stylish while exercising. Choose your favorite and give a look at the training look

  1. Running 41251, Live!, $ 140-Great request for hot days, since the mix of fabrics used in the manufacture offers heat transfer and humidity for the environment.
  2. 3212F12, Cashew Brazil, R $ 187-The lightness of the fabric allows the body to exchange heat with the environment, leaving it fresh during exercise.
  3. 542625, Nike, $ 120-This short skirt is indicated for racing by being made with polyester and spandex. The charm is in charge of the foldable blue baby waistband and the back pocket.
  4. Steam, Wilson, $ 80-Super feminine, has internal pockets and elastic waist to fit the body.
  5. Tennis Player, Brô Fitwear, R $ 95-Leaves the body more defined thanks to the wide waistband, which compresses the belly without tightening.It is made of polyamide and elastane.
  6. Run Prime, Mizuno, R $ 110-Ideal for racing, its fabric facilitates movement while supporting the butt.Also has UV protection and reflective logos for nighttime practice.
  7. 77.13.0021, Body For Sure, R $ 153-The combination of polyamide with elastane provides adequate compression forimpactactivities.
  8. Crypto, High Giro, R $ 105-Made of clever knitwear that dry quickly, it avoids rashes and allergies by friction.                                                     visit for more information.