Meaning of Dreams in Pregnancy

Dreams are strange, some people dream more than others. In pregnancy it is normal for women to dream more and have dreams about childbirth or about baby.

Meaning of Dreams in Pregnancy

The increase in the number of dreams during pregnancy is due to the hormonal and emotional changes that take place.

Freud said that dreams are generated, in the search for the realization of a repressed desire and studies reveal that dreamed even inside the belly of our mother.

For some cultures dreams are premonitory and have some meaning. The truth is that some dreams are common among pregnant women.

Meaning of dreams in pregnancy

Dream with earth

To dream of land, or that is eating land is quite common and has a beautiful meaning, the land is a symbol of motherhood, which as a pregnant woman receives the seed and expects it to germinate.

Dream with water

Many pregnant women dream of water and flooding can have many different meanings such as fear of breaking waters, fear of childbirth.

It can also mean the mother’s connection with nature and its natural protection of the baby through the amniotic fluid.

Dreaming of animals

Another quite common dream among pregnant women is to dream about animals, dreams about animals have different meanings, but on a pregnant woman reveals the natural and animal instinct of the mother to protect her offspring. There is no greater bond of love than between mother and child.

It seems strange but it is also quite common to dream that you are giving birth to an animal, like the cat, it is our subconscious to tell the woman that she should put aside the rational, and give herself more to the emotions.

To dream about food

Food represents life, happiness is essential source for life, so dreaming that you are eating or with some food means that you need to restore your physical and mental strength.

He dreams that he is eating to accumulate energies to feed and take care of his baby when he is born.

Dreams can have different meanings or have no meaning but repeated dreams or nightmares are a way for your mind to send a message to you, reflect some fear or some anxiety which is quite common when you are pregnant and about to enter the wonderful world of motherhood.

A funny idea, to later remember and show your son is to make a dream album, where he records the strangest dreams during pregnancy.