Match Bag with Shoes

A gentleman comes so difficult without a fine leather bag as the violinist without Geigenkasten. Use, taste and occasion make however different requirements for this classic men’s accessory. We show match which shoe classics to a formal Lord bag.

Mr. Combine Stylish Bag

There are etiquette rules that are fixed so as the Amen in the church: belt and shoes form a harmonious duo and soft ideally only in slight nuances from each other. Check Kenner consequently the arrangement of shoes and belt with close scrutiny, is offered to the gentleman in terms of Mr. Case, a far greater leeway. Where: shoes and bag should indeed match, but deviations from leather, color and design not necessarily a fashion faux pas.Similarly, the combination of footwear and gloves does not decide the exact match both on the fashionable sensibility of the wearer. It is that the style of men’s bag to the respective shoes fit is far more important. The formal the occasion, the more conscious these two companions should be however coordinated.

Briefcase & Classic Men’s Shoes in Formal Business

Still a traditional briefcase in muted colors is the first choice for the formal business parquet. Who is a lot for business, often can not do without the legendary pocket classics. But it may not be forcibly the sometimes massive hard-shell model of the eighties.

The handmade footwear with refined snap from our home in the tradition of the classic men’s bags from the 19th century. Your minimalist design, high-quality materials and a lovingly detailed production transform this Mr bag in the perfect companion for the upscale professional life. Thanks spacious interior including dividers provides the briefcase beyond ample space for personal belongings and ensures easy organization of their own documents.

The timeless elegance of the briefcase can be excellent with classic men’s shoes as Oxford andDerby combine. Whether traditional undecorated discreetly loosened as in Captoe Oxford as the Plain Oxford or-the popular shoe classics bring the required dose of formalism with to convince the conservative business. The bag color depends necessarily after the uppers of the respective footwear. Speaking of color: In the upscale business it does not always go classic black.

A black bag for a black suit along with black shoes and belt remains a timelessly elegant choice. Also a lot of taste proves the modern gentleman with a cognac-colored briefcase for gray suit, cognac shoes and matching belt. The only downer: Due to their elegant appearance, the use of Briefcase primarily on the business area is limited-in leisure time can its thoroughness sometimes feeling out of place.

Laptop Bag & Brogues in Modern Business

All men who want to give their business outfit a modern touch, find in an elegant laptop bag is a welcome alternative to the classic briefcase. Also well suited for formal business, the noble Lord bag presents but substantial fashion in their design.

Unlike the traditional briefcase handcrafted laptop bag from our company has a more spacious overall appearance. Inner pocket – in addition to the documents and personal belongings – also sufficient space for the computer and its electronic accessories. Sooner rather frowned upon in traditional dress code, the shoulder strap is already one of the basic equipment of a classic men’s bag.

For the formal business look the laptop bag should be combined more with little ornate men’s shoes. Formerly reserved exclusively for leisure, Mr. shoes have brogues nonetheless established itself in the classic dress code-suitable for the office they are all. A black Full Brogue Oxford to gray suit and black belt, complemented by a black laptop bag, creating a very harmonious appearance-added with a certain sporty nonchalance. However, the color theory stating loud Knigge that Black should be alone combined with black or gray.

If he chooses the gentleman on the other hand for a laptop bag in warm Bordeaux-tone, a whole series open him to stylish combinations. In fact, Bordeaux is a very sociable and confident color to gray and dark brown as well as to blue and green. Another advantage: Bordeaux exudes a sophisticated allure, without appearing strictly. But be careful: Bordeaux is indeed a stylish choice, yet it remains significantly more striking than their black counterpart.

Friends of the unconventional, we recommend the fashionable men’s bag for monk shoe . The flashy buckles shoe is undoubtedly a frontier among the classic men’s shoes, has enjoyed a few years but also weekdays increasing popularity.

Dokumentenmappe & Slippers as Lightweight Alternative

With less storage space, but of graceful shape the classic Dokumentenmappe for lightweight luggage is predestined. All men who return each morning to her desk, see the sleek leather bag is the ideal companion.

Of course also meets this Mr pocket the conventional dress code and should in formal industries such as its two predecessors with classic lace-ups are combined. Wherever it happens less formally, to the owner offers a fashionable variation. In keeping with the lightweight Mr bag as light footwear must be selected there like. The talk is of the light, airy slippers.

In the US, the UK and Italy Tassel and include Penny Loafer from finest leathers long rigueur.In Germany one encounters slip shoes rarely in the office, but there are the comfortable slippers in our latitudes on the rise. All men, like the casual clothes wearing the black Dokumentenmappe combine naturally to gray suit and black loafers . Those who prefer a trace of summer, selects the cognac-colored Lord pocket chinos and a brown loafer. Like it can and should the Loafer incidentally strumpflos be worn on colder days, however, there is nothing against a little more substance- as long as the sock is color-matched to the rest of the outfit.