Mascara and Lipstick Favorites

Lipstick and mascara for me is everything! I just don’t go out of the House without lipstick and mascara and am quite adept to red lipstick. Today I speak of my favorites when it comes to quality and affordability. I use the mask of Cilia The Colossal Volum Express of Maybelline and the lipstick Matte color Red Oboticário 330. Most women who are in love with makeup for sure want the red Ruby Woolipstick from MAC, which on female opinion almost unanimous is the perfect red, but the cost and accessibility of it ends up being discouraging (or not).

The lipstick Red color Matte 330 Intense line of Oboticário is sooo similar to Ruby Woo, I can say that there are 95% similarity. Matte lipstick 33rd is crisp in the right measure, has a good pigmentation, fixing it is also excellent, has an incredible durability, is easy to use and has a nice summery smell but is pretty smooth. The packaging is red, very simple, the cover closes very well and has no risk of opening in bag/travel case. The Intense is easier in time to pass than the Ruby Woo because the Ruby Woo is even drier. This color is very democratic, is the Red that goes well with everyone you know. It was love at first sight with me and became the darling of my friends too, now of 9 every 10 photos from My facebook I’m red lipstick! Ruby Woo MAC here in Brazil costs some R $79.00 and R $13.99 which was Intense about what I paid on my that I bought at the same Oboticário.

There is no question the quality of the masks of eyelashes of Maybelline, we all know that right? I’ve used several other brands and after I discovered the Maybelline fell. My The Colossal Volum Express cost R$24,00, but in total I think was R $28.00 with shipping and all that because I bought over the internet.

Mine is because I’m not really version washable waterproof mascara from It is easy to apply, the brush is very chubby, very hard, the result is very fast, lengthens quite the eyelashes and really gives a lot of volume. I am loving using it. And you? Are also adept at red lipstick? What mascara do you guys use? Kisses!