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Cute Mary Janes shoes for ladies

Mary Janes are the epitome of girlish and innocence, therein lies its appeal. Who like to play with this image, Mary-Jane receives with the even more – the shoe is usually light and extremely comfortable. Already in the 1920s, a children’s shoe for girls was invented as the Mary-Jane: flat sole, colored leather, a leather strap that was closed and regulated with a buckle strap, wide and rounded toe. This form, which existed in all finishes in smooth, grain and patent leather, has survived to this day, although a favorite child has become the designer of Mary Jane.

In the 1970s it produced pumps and platform shoes in Mary Jane look with high heel and the cap was shorter and narrower. Other models looked like ballerinas with straps and buckle. Currently, the original design is back in fashion: the paragraphs save flatter or completely, sole and processing correspond to increasingly sports and trekking shoes, the cap will get longer and wider, the Mary Jane offers more comfort. Especially cute, girly shoes to the short skirt work when in the autumn or spring a wool tights or thick socks are contributed. They look feminine athletic when combined with jeans.