Man’s Shirt Style Tips

1 The errors of taste

The association forms

The shirt collar Boateng is not a lack of taste (it was he who devised this form). The shawl collar of the jacket either. Yet both sets are too, especially the shirt collar of the sides are really deep, compared to the setbacks too thin jacket.The thin tie that does not really filled the collar ends to make a casual chic outfit, but do not respond at all to the real formal codes.

The contrast stripes

The golden rule of the association of the reasons is to ensure that we can distinguish them. This is completely fulfilled here with a thickness of very different stripes. What’s wrong then? It is the poverty of the final set: costume tennis stripes are a bit bland, the tie is irrelevant and cost you only see stripes of the shirt. It’s a shame if such suit was worth a fortune. It would have at least had to inject some color through the tie or pocket.

2 Examples to follow

Shirt with red stripes

The red stripes are the perfect motif for those who have low contrast skin / hair (because the contrast between red and white is not too strong). It is perfectly accompanied by an orange tie and a casual blazer in cotton. Here, everything was done according to the contrast low skin hair (white hair and skin a little red) but we managed to have held a variety minimum.

Shirt with collar pin

A three piece suit is always a minimum of character, even when it is made in such coarse wool flannel. The cover and tie rajoutent also interesting details. It would have been a little sad to bear all this with a simple shirt in white poplin that would have been too smooth in this outfit. According to ClothesBliss, this shirt with collar pin thus provides balance in the holding: it is up to the rest, in addition to being perfectly complementary in color and proportions. In short, a lesson: be careful not to choose too classic shirt worn with clothes that come out a bit from the crowd.


I have chosen to include only the ready-to-wear. This is offer the most easily comparable and the shortest time delivery
Do not forget that the shirts of the ready-made wear resulted, not in half measure. Do not automatically yield to the lure of these blouses half measure entry: if some are serious, some are merely intermediaries between you and a Chinese studio that produces for 10 euros with an approximate patronage and bad quality fabrics.

You also lose in flexibility between production time and delivery time while a few days are enough to receive and return a shirt ready to wear if it does not suit you.

Unless you really have a particular physical, first looking for a brand of ready-to-wear that can you go (or requiring only minor adjustments).