Male Underwear Brands

When most people think of lingerie models, they think about women, but modeling lingerie is a business equal opportunities and there are a lot of models of men’s underwear.

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear Models

The most famous designer brand, with perhaps the sexiest pictures of models of men’s underwear Calvin Klein. In the past, used the Klein actors and famous athletes in their advertising campaigns to promote its line of men’s underwear, such as:

  • Mark Wahlberg-At the time of his underwear advertising campaign, it was still known as Marky Mark.Release moniker young people in favor of the right Mark Wahlberg, now an Oscar-nominated actor and has left his days Funky Bunch behind him.
  • Antonio Sabato Jr.-Soap star and film actor Antonio Sabato Jr., did a campaign for Calvin Klein underwear at the end of 1990.
  • Djimon Hounsou-This Oscar-nominated actor ended his underwear campaign for Calvin Klein in 2007.
  • Freddie Ljunberg-British soccer star Freddie Ljunberg shaped in his skivvies for Calvin Klein.Ljunberg easily give David Beckham a run for their money.
  • Travis Fimmel-This new player began modeling for Calvin Klein in 2002.
  • Michael Bergin-Small screen actor Michael Bergin modeled by Klein 1995.

Rumors have been swirling as of late that the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was offered $ 1 million to be the next big name Calvin Klein underwear model.

Other Famous Underwear Models

Along with Calvin Klein, other well-known designers use celebrities and their bodies to advertise their underwear.

Emporio Armani

Armani hired piping hot football superstar David Beckham for £ 20 million two-year modeling contract reported. Now that Beckham plays for Los Angeles Galaxy, the contract is worth nearly $ 40 million $. Clint Mauro a professional model and aspiring actress is also known for modeling for Armani.

Tommy Hilfiger

Jason Shaw is best known for six celebutante Paris Hilton, but it is equally known for his campaign for intimate apparel line preppy Tommy Hilfiger. His underwear ads can be seen on billboards across the country.

Dolce & Gabbana

This haute couture fashion house has decided to use members of Italian football (soccer in the US) Association to present its new line of underwear in an advertising campaign 2006 advertising campaign that featured five players in the dressing room was met with heavy criticism by claiming that the images were “homoerotic “.


2xist not necessarily famous underwear models, but they have a collection of pictures on their website for their advertising campaigns in the past and the present.

Competitions Underwear Model

Most of the male underwear model are models of trade. It is just what you do for a living. Other underwear models, however, end up in the business, as they entered one of the many competitions modeling underwear on Digopaul.

  • Rusty Joiner-This former gym instructor into the world of modeling (and act later) after winning Structure Underwear Model Search.
  • Couples Fresh-Check their intimate National Day Model Contest.

Men’s Underwear Models Online

If the links and the information above on male modeling lingerie is not enough and you want more, be very careful what you click on links when you search on the Internet. Looking for something as seemingly innocuous as underwear models, resulting in a plethora of different links to many sites that some may find offensive.