Makeup Tip: Glitters Vult!

Hello my loves, everything good with you? Today I came to present to you the newest colors of GLITTERS of VULT COSMETICS. As soon as I got them, I’ve been dying to show you. I made a video with the out site (again, thank you very much) where he did a make baphônica. The glitters of the brand have finer particles, making it super at the time of application. If there’s one thing that I went crazy it was by these Glitters! Anyone who knows me knows I love a shine-HAHAHHAHAHA. Are wonderful colors and who loves using surely must have! The colors are IN-LYRICAL-ABLES. I really liked the Green and blue, because they are more vibrant colors, but used in the post was the pinkish hue, was so beautiful that I will use over and over again and do the same with the other colors also .The brightness has always given a touch of glamor to the makeup and if you think he is an exclusive option for the night, you’re wrong. Since used subtly, can make all the difference in productions for the day.

The glitters of the Vult were developed with reflective particles of light, the product can be used both in social and in the most extravagant productions. You want a touch of glamor to makeup? Test the new glitters with the different colors you can create amazing looks and ravishing. Developed with reflective particles of light, the glitter promotes a makeup with even more glitter and sophistication. The coolest is that the packaging was designed to prevent waste of glitter for the magazine very well prepared. And this line bet on practicality in choosing the names, so forget about those different names, colors Glitter line of Vult are numbered and the names correspond to own colors, making it, at the time of choice. You can find the products in pharmacies and stores best Vult of cosmetics in your city. If you’re a “shopkeeper” and wants to sell Vult cosmetics, comes into contact with the New Face Distributor out site, there only sells wholesale right folks! If you do not find these glazes in the beauty shop from your town, talk to the responsible for it running behind your beauty  products.

Watch the video for you to learn all the details that make and how to apply glitter in their eyes, ahhh after the video, gives a liked for me pleaseee huhuuuu and if you want to share the video on your facebook I’ll be bursting with happiness all my loves help me promote my youtube channel called Guess Official luxury!