Makeup: Learn How to Use Eyeliner

It is no longer today that the eyeliner is back to being the darling in the time of makeup, but not everyone has the skill and intimacy of the first. In the market we find several options, we recommend the use of the liquid eyeliner for those who have more practice, to go training and get accustomed to the best options are in gel or in pen. To help, we will teach some techniques for applying the eyeliner we saw in SOS fashions.

The first step is to choose which stroke you want to make, see the options in the photo below, we recommend starting with the basic dash, first scratching with a black eye pencil, with the tip well thin. Start tracing the middle to the outer side and then complete. Just then, pass the eyeliner over the guide line you made with the pencil.

After getting more practice it’s time to try to make the drawings straight with the eyeliner. To make retro you can use duct tape to make a mold, choose what thickness you want the dash and secure the ribbon on the movable eyelid so that the fluid does not seep underneath. Wait to dry and remove the tape. Your outlined is ready, blurry can happen, but don’t worry, use a cotton swab with makeup to fix.

According to, the outline we have already taught, now to do a makeup is best to rely on a professional makeup artist, especially if the event is a wedding or anniversary, here you find makeup artists in your region. Try to do the technique with the duct tape and tell us if it worked.