Makeup Effect “Face-Lift”

Be made up and not be noticed at all is what every woman wants. Cover imperfections, highlight the features, giving skin aspect relaxed, that the face shine naturally and that the eye and lips stand out is possible by creating a sober and nude makeup, as if we hadn’t used any products. There is a whole line of products and techniques to apply on your face that will make us look naturally more beautiful.

The makeup nude or naked skin is a makeup style almost imperceptible, but for your time very thin and elegant, which is intended to make the face glow without any fanfare. Ideal for women who don’t like to paint or to use during the day can be made on any skin type and changing some tones and cosmetic products can be adapted for any age.

The result will always be a fresh style, healthy, completely natural and with effect, face washed. IE: a face clean and bright as if it had not gone through a drop of makeup.

The key to doing this is to find neutral tones more alike with the color of skin, as the skin bright and free is the absolute protagonist of this “look”. Must be hydrated and flawless.

The range of shades from beige to Brown and pink. For example, white and pale skin the best peach and pink tones are and whether it is darker or olive, best creams and beige matte.

Step by step: “Face-lift”

The face as a basis: To start, set up your face. First with a light moisturizer or serum, to nourish the skin and make it look brilliant. Then, choose a light makeup and fosca, as close as possible to the natural color of the skin. Can be powdered mineral makeup which gives a natural finish, BB cream or flat base lightweight.

All the makeup must be worked well with the hands, brush or a damp sponge, making sure to completely cover the skin. Always use up to the hairline and Chin to avoid the typical mask effect.

Then, apply concealer and powder volatile. Put the broker in lacrimal area, dark circles, sides of the nose, upper lip, side of your mouth and pera giving little touches with fingers. After it’s done, with a natural hair brush apply volatile powder to mattify and seal.

To erase imperfections: apply concealer neutral in tone and seal always with translucent powder. A great ally may be the brush illuminator Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent, which comes in three shades and is long lasting. The best part is correct, but illuminates the areas.

Eyes: in this area you should always opt for neutral shadow palettes like beige, ivory, vanilla, toasted or light grey.

Extend the shade chosen light all over the eyelid, both in the mobile area as under the Arch of the eyebrows. The best way is from the inside to the outside, following the natural path of the eye and smouldering well. The key here is not to put on makeup, but unify the natural tone and hide the depigmentation of the eyelid. So, don’t abuse the powder and use a brush for shadows.

About the eyelid choice by another neutral shade coordinated with the first, or a very light touch of clear lip gloss. If you want much less makeup, just cover the mobile eyelid with a light gold shadow to give light to the eyes.

The depth is achieved by marking with shadow in Brown v. everything must be very subtle.

A good palette to this area can be “Nude Collection” of Bobby Brown who is very complete for your wide range of natural tones and crisp and also have clear lip.

Open the look:the mask of Cilia is fundamental and can often be the one to be applied on the eyes. You must put a dual layer above and below. First, apply once, let it dry and repeat one more layer. As for colors, black or Brown, depending on the time of day or the tone of the face since they must be highlighted, but without overdoing it.

For most experts, a light touch of white pencil applied in lacrimal area, will light the eyes.

Cheeks stained:for blush, choose a tone that give aspect of flushed, but not too dark. Can be powder or cream, the latter gives a more natural result. To get the exact location at which to apply, look at yourself in the mirror and smile exaggeratedly. Apply a minimum amount with little touches right there in the middle of the cheeks, pompom-shaped and esfumace well in circles and even in the corner of the eyes.

Featured Lips: the finishing touch are the lips, which should be free from skins and tightness. You can use them colorless or cocoa butter with a touch of rosy, since it adds a little sparkle in a natural tone and takes care of the lips. For the fans of lipstick from ehuacom, choose one as close as possible to the color of the skin and slowly apply with fingers, giving little touches to give a less artificial. If kill add brightness or only use long-lasting luster with very little color.

Nude Nails:the nails are also part of the look and makeup daily and, therefore, to make it look like natural is best to opt for neutral colors like beige, porcelain or just a little sparkle.

Without fanfare, very natural luster and healthy appearance and agreed without imperfections is what marks the nude makeup, a very good trend for the young or to use daily before leaving home. See don’t look makeup is easy if you have the proper skin tone palette, this will be the best ally of every woman.

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