Makeup Aging Theatre

Today I bring you a makeover of characterization, a special Theater aging.

According to ehuacom, the make-up for theatre, are makeup designed to be seen at long distance, so it must be very exaggerated, contrasted and marked. Not to do so, the Viewer might not appreciate characterizations of the actors.

On this occasion we have worked on a bald glatzan (you can see is put in this entry) and hairpieces crepe (you can see how applies in this post)

Step By Step

-Once applied the bald, apply makeup to stick to give greater coverage, well reduce the changes of tone and unify. We maquillaremos in the face and bald and matizaremos with loose powder of the same shade as the background makeup.

-We will work with three tones both the stick and the powder to create volumes.

-After to work half-tone, we proceed with the dark to create depth and hediduras.

-The points that we will apply the dark tone will be those that naturally creates shadows and folds and sink age: temples, rictus, Chin grooves folds, flaps the nose, corners of lips, dark circles, eye, lacrimal basin up to the eyebrow…

-We blur the dark tone.

-Completed applying the dark, we will apply the clear in those areas we want to poke.

-Difuminanos and we integrate light and dark in a natural way and sealed with dark dust the dark and dusty corrections clear clear corrections.

-With black tone, we will emphasize some of the grooves and deep wrinkles to give more realism to the makeup.

-Then proceed to the application of crepe in selected areas, in this case, side of the head on the ears, eyebrows, mustache and knob.

-As final detail, we apply scale Brown and black teeth.

And already ready tendraimos characterization for an envejacimiento in theatre makeup, which in addition to aging, have changed sex model.

And now I leave you with some of my characterizations…

And as icing on the cake, a photo that we laugh much, and is that Sabina and Silvia makes to be with them because of laughter and fun. Thanks to the two.