Make-up and hairdressing

All about make-up and styling for parties and Carnival

Make-up and hairdressing – without these exciting employment girl parties are unthinkable. Already in early childhood the vanity case of the mother with the colourful paraphernalia as lipstick, eye shadow and mascara exerts a magical attraction on the little ladies. Latest in preschool age they would call their own then a small selection of them. The highlight is always the glitter makeup and pink lip gloss. Of course, this experience must be replaced with the little girlfriends. And so is all about gifts, exciting games as well as the common makeup and styling on a children’s Party. Then parents are always amazed about the potential of creativity and skill. Of course this activity well in advance can be scheduled, for example, in the course of a themed party. Stars and starlets or models on the catwalk then are offered as subjects and then make the celebration a memorable event.

For the little ladies make-up and hair can do, small bottles of hair spray and a smorgasbord of brushes, Barrettes and ponytail and not to forget, is a great selection of makeup from the mothers provided. With old clothes for dressing up the girl party is an all-round successful event. Don’t forget to capture everything with the video camera or the camera! In later years, this is a valuable memory.