Magic to Have Money

The topics of the section Magic for money every day:

  • your personal color of money,
  • how to choose the wallet ,
  • rules to increase your chances of ever having money .

Everyone dreams to have money every day, a lot of money, have his wallet stuffed with banknotes still despite all expenses and even in difficult times. This is possible using the silver magic.

Magic to have money every day based on the material energies, energies of cash flows. Colors, stones, plants can be carriers of these energies. If your wallet becomes the holder of the material energies, it will attract the same thing, ie money.

Your personal color of money

The color is of great importance for magic rituals and incantation.Each color refers to the vibration element, energy and the symbol of the desired result. Misuse of color can significantly weaken the magic ritual or reduce it to nothing.

You probably know that using the color green in rituals for having money, wealth and well-being. The color green is traditionally used in money magic.

But each person has personal colors money and abundance. Personal Color of Money is a color, which is able to bring to each of us individually improving the financial position and attract abundance in life. And you can help a little destiny to help you the chance with the help of your personal colors money and prosperity.

In choosing the award of the corresponding color, you greatly increase your chances of reaching the abundance in your life. You can calculate your personal color of money and wealth, and choose one of these colors for your new wallet.

I will give some recommendations how to make your wallet becomes the magnet for money.

How to choose the wallet.

How to choose the wallet in which there will be money each day?

Your wallet is a home for money. It must be beautiful and comfortable. In an old and torn purse money is not. Never buy the wallet cheap ramshackle, as he himself carries the energy of poverty, large banknotes have almost no chance to be here.

You have to buy a new wallet during the period of the waxing moon to have money every day. To choose a good time visit the lunar calendar online.

Your wallet should be comfortable, it is imperative to have pockets for banknotes, credit cards and currency.

The material from which the award is made is not very important, but it is better if it is natural, for example, leather or suede.

We must put a coin in the new wallet immediately after purchase so it attracts money and abundance and material energies did not leave the wallet.

The rules to increase your chances of ever having money

Follow these rules and you increase your chances of ever having money.

  • Select the wallet of one of your personal color of money.
  • Do not put the banknotes and coins in the same pocket. The banknotes and coins need to be in different pockets of your wallet.
  • Put the banknotes in your wallet in order by increasing the nominal value.
  • Do not make any money from your purse and do not let it empty, so you interrupt the flow of money.
  • Do not offer and do not accept the gift empty purse. The person giving such a gift may health and prosperity. We must accept the offer or gift purse with a coin or cut.

What one must not be stored in the wallet

It should be stored in the wallet as money, bank cards and lucky charms to strengthen the monetary power.

What you should not store in your wallet:

  • The money that you found on the street, caught in debt or received as a gift, in general, one who comes to you for nothing. It absorbs all the energy and blocks access to other monies. About money, you find in the street, I do not recommend taking them. I convinced myself repeatedly that this money will not be beneficial and may cause great misfortunes. That’s why I never take money found.
  • The pieces of useless paper, checks, receipts. These old impede the energy flow of money to improve your well-being.
  • Pictures of your loved one, children. First, the pictures “interrupt” the flow of monetary energy, and secondly, the energy of the wallet and the money themselves may influence your family through photos. This is, of course, rarely, but it happens that this energy can lower the energy level of your loved materially.