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What is the price of the Lupo invisible pantyhose?

Do you work in skirts and often wear pantyhose? You should know that in the market there are many options of pantyhose, used not only to cover the legs, but for other benefits. Be it to increase circulation, pantyhose to leave legs steadier and pantyhose with invisible effect.

One brand that offers various types of pantyhose is the Lupo which has some options not only of this type of Mayan, but of Lupo Sport, Pajamas, lingerie, slim, sweaters and socks. The brand still has socks and other articles for the male audience with articles for soccer, pajamas, briefs and more; and for children and infants.

As for pantyhose, one of Lupo’s options is the Invisible Lobo Pantyhose 7 panty that is made with Japanese spandex yarn that provides total adhesion and maximum transparency for those who like to look like they are without stockings, but without looking like they have a leg naked The price of this model of invisible pantyhose is very affordable, with a price of $ 24.50. This model features several colors, not only skin color (which gives the appearance of being without stocking) as in colors such as black and coffee.

There are even other models of pantyhose present in the Lupo for all tastes such as pantyhose pantyhose, pantyhose Premium Wire 15, pantyhose Wool Poa, Pantyhose Opaque Pantyhose 40, Pantyhose knit pantyhose, Pantyhose knitting, pantyhose Luxe, pantyhose stripes, Half wolf 5/8, Pantyhose Loba News Wire 15, Pantyhose Worm Invisible wire 7, pantyhose Fresh line Wire 10, Panty wolf Micro wire net 20, Loba Classic Trousers plus, wool trousers Mix Blend 70 thread among other models. Therefore, find a specialized store that can find the model of pantyhose you are looking for.

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