Luminale: Sunshine Fits the Program Presentation

The spring sun is shining with first warm rays on the Frankfurt Palmengarten. Only under the vaults of the glass Palm House, which in this March 22, 2012, the autosalon Luminale program is presented, there is still cool shade.

The Director of the botanical gardens of Matthias Jenny welcomes first gathered there press representatives, interested in citizenship and “the fathers and the mother of the year’s Luminale”.And indeed, with her own sense of family, the so-called ‘fathers’ present their light Festival.

Luminale curator Helmut Bien (photo above) praises the parallel fair light + building as a “Mother” of all luminal events. After all, was the held since the year 2000 in Frankfurt world leading trade fair for light and building the source of inspiration for his light Festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year according to ZEPHYRLEDLIGHTS.

Wolfgang Marzin, the Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt and also Luminale – “Father”, is, however, not so sure who this “Chicken” and who is “Egg”. “I consider us to be for privileged,” but stresses “because we have a so great light Festival and the world’s leading trade fair for the lighting industry in Frankfurt.”

175 light events throughout the Rhine Main region will shine at this year’s Luminale and between the 15th and 20th April 2012 visitors and night owls of close and lure away. As a biennial, the accompanying Festival is biennial since 2002 and held it for the sixth time. Around 100 events will shine this time in Frankfurt, 40 more in Offenbach and another 20 partners design lighting projects in the region.

So, it’s no wonder that curator bien proud strong Luminale program booklet presents the presses and 180 pages. “Spectacular events” to “difficult art” – a quick run-through he about 30 turns out among the 175 projects, including parties, concerts and large-scale light events as well as the lighting project of the Herder school.

One of Helmut Bien of touted highlights situated right next to the press conference: on the future campus of the culture, the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe square in front of the University shows the artist Philipp Geist his expansive ambient light sound production, which is already sold as audience magnet of the Luminale.

Another highlight should be the paper cutting installation by Katharina Berndt at the Mainova thermal power station to Center. As an additional ‘father’ the Luminale-maker, Mainova Board Lothar Herbst explains how direction for the energy supplier of the light Festival in the press conference, and the competition “Mainnova@Luminale” called for in life is.

Only “mother” Karin Wittstock (second photo above) presented as the curator of the light events in the Palm Garden, on the spot, the participating projects. “You come to the Luna Park in the Palm Garden, is it worth,” it recommends several times. Because various lighting designers from home and abroad make a total nine lighting projects.

Whether than “Beautiful illusion” the Luminauten “Dancing water”, “Brugmansia” or with the OLED of the Fraunhofer Institute – the heart of this year’s Luminale seems to suggest in the Palm Garden.

Kite hence the local program press conference. And because during the Luminale the Palm Garden between 19 and 23: 00 the extended opening hours, opens its doors.