Low by Pregnancy Risk

Obstetricians often say that pregnancy is not a disease. And it’s true. With due adaptations, a pregnant woman should continue to make her life normal, but of course, given that there are things she can not do and remembering that she has a baby inside her.

Low by Pregnancy Risk

However, pregnancy does not always run perfectly. Sometimes due to certain conditions, pregnancy becomes a risk to the mother and the baby.

In these cases, the accompanying doctor passes a risk-reducing pregnancy to the expectant mother so that she can stay home and take the rest necessary for the success of the pregnancy.

In this article we will explain how low risk pregnancies work both in Portugal and in Brazil.

Low risk pregnancy – Portugal

In Portugal, a pregnant woman who is diagnosed as having a risk during pregnancy and who becomes a medical doctor due to this risk is entitled to an allowance that will replace her normal income.

However, pregnant women who are working, but also unemployed pregnant women and receiving unemployment benefits will not be entitled to this allowance.

To apply for medical leave, your doctor will need to pass a document stating your pregnancy condition is at risk.

If your doctor is private, you should bring this document to your family doctor to make the statement to be delivered to Social Security.

Licensing for high-risk pregnant women – Brazil

Until some time ago, in Brazil there was only maternity leave, in which the mother was entitled to a few months at home with the baby, with guaranteed salary.

However, pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies were not protected.

With this in mind, legislation granting a special license for these cases was adopted late last year.

The National Institute of Social Security guarantees high-risk pregnant women the right to interrupt their work during pregnancy, as well as the right to receive a monthly allowance equal to their salary.

This allowance is calculated according to the contributions of the pregnant woman.