Lose Weight with Cycling

Do you want to lose weight in a responsible and effective way? Road bikes are a simple and fun way to burn fat fast and kilos to diet. Get started today! This article explains why you should be racing to lose weight, what it means and how to handle your road bike training.

Why lose weight on a road bike?

Sport creates fat burning and fat loss will make you lose weight. The best way to stimulate fat loss is through your heart rate to maintain a longer period of time within a specific heart rate zone. At the well-known cardio workouts on the treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike adapted to the resistance or the pace to keep the pulse of this zone. Do you want to lose weight, it is important to choose a form of exercise that you can remain longer in the end zone where you burn fat. This form of education can be one of the just mentioned training devices. This assumes, however, that you must take out a subscription to a fitness room and also visit several times a week.
A form of training that will save you the trouble and cost of a gym and easily from home can pick up is running. A question about closes cows and unwinding in the fresh air. A walk through the park or a cube around the block really is an attractive way to lose weight. The downside is that it takes time and persistence to endure long periods of time. Before you can run a half hour you almost 10 weeks and 30 continuing education. In addition, running a heavy load on your muscles which makes running a sports injury sensitive.
And here comes the main advantage of racing around the corner. Road bikes are much easier to keep a long time drunk. Everyone can without permission or bike half an hour. The smooth cycle movement is easy to maintain and also prevents muscle soreness and injury. Before you know it, a two-hour cycling tandem and as soon as 50 kilometers. A fun way to explore near your home. And you will burn an additional very many calories in this intense way to cycle.
A funny fact is that pro rider Laurens ten Dam during some stage races in the Tour de France 13,000 calories burned. The large calorie consumption depends on the intensity of cycling. Since you are using your large muscle groups of the attitude and maintain a high cadence, burn a lot of calories. You may have already thought, “I can make good on a regular bike cycling difficult? However, this is not because you have a different attitude, and therefore also not be possible to achieve the high cadence.When you’re racing at about 100 rpm with the pedals. The combination of the intensity of cycling, the time it can keep a novice racer, and the ease with which you can continue biking good for losing weight in the right heart rate zone. We put all the benefits is still in a nutshell:

  • Easy to hold longer full
  • High calorie burn for a short time
  • Smooth motion prevents injuries
  • With a little effort in the end zone for fat loss
  • From home and start exploring the area

What is involved in the

If you are satisfied on the basis of the above explanation to go racing with weight loss? Then it is good to know what it means to ride. What materials and attributes you need to start racing? What is important to look out for when buying a bike, clothing, shoes and accessories?
The racing bike
A road bike is characterized by the geometry of the streamlined framework and the famous bend in the wheel. This gives you the aerodynamic on the bike so you experience less resistance from the wind. The narrow wheels and tires under a road bike ensures minimal friction with the asphalt. The low weight on a road bike, you can speed up easily and not an ounce too much weight. Finally, make sure the transmission organs and ensure that you can ride hard with minimal effort. Everything on a road bike guarantees so that you can easily go on a decent speed. It is not hard as a beginning cyclist already continuously 26 kilometres an hour cycling.
Obviously you can’t start without racing bike racing. This is also the largest direct investment required. A road bike need not cost more than the annual membership fee for a gym. To?? 250,-there are several good entry level road bike for sale on Marketplace. But also for a beginner racing bike need not cost more than?? 450,-. Unfortunately, if you still think that racing is not for you so you can sell the bike still again. So ask to start racing as a relatively risk-free investment.
The things that you should look for when buying a used road bike you can read in the article, buy used road bike
Cycling clothing
Are you still unsure about whether the cycling is for you then you can first with normal sports on our bikes. Especially when you ride no more than an hour early, this could be good. Over time, you can then buy a cycling shorts and cycling shirt. In particular, cycling shorts an important characteristic when racing. In these pants is to a canvas, a kind of cushion, which stretched while sitting on the saddle makes a lot more comfortable. These pants are in any sporting goods store or to buy. For cycling shirt, it is particularly important that it is very breathable. When you ride you sweat properly. A comfortable and well-fitting sports top is desirable.
The cycling shoes
Even for shoes is that you can sit on the road the bike at the beginning good with sneakers.  According to whicheverhealth, the advantage of special cycling shoes is that it locks into place on the pedals on the bike. This ensures that your feet remain well on the pedals and you can set up the power. Because the shoes snap now allows you to do a drag motion of the pedals, giving you more efficiently use your muscles. This ensures that you are at a higher Cadence cycling and also allows faster bikes.

Cycling for fat loss

Now you are on the road bike, it is important to keep the right heart rate for weight loss. As a rule of thumb you can say that if you can still talk normally while riding your heart rate is not too high.However, it is more accurate to use a pulse watch. By setting it to the desired pulse zone can remain perfectly in the heart rate target zone in which the body burns the most fat. End zone for weight loss is determined by your maximum heart rate. An indication of your maximum heart rate you receive via the following calculation:
220-your age = maximum heart rate
Valid for one person with 27 years old so his maximum heart rate is approximately 193. The heart rate for fat burning is between 55% and 65% of your maximum heart rate. You are 30 years old, your maximum heart rate to 190, where the fat burning zone is between 104 and 124. By continuously in the end zone, which is relatively simple cycle, burn fat effectively, you will lose weight fast.