Long blouses

High quality ladies long shirts for every type of fashion

Casual and casual and yet very elegant ladies long blouses work. You are already a small phenomenon in the world of fashion for women. Ladies long blouses impressed not only by its particular length, but also by many fashionable details that make each model into something special. See the ladies of long tops, blouses in a rather narrow cut form or in a wide form. Visually they remember something to tunics. We show you the latest fashion trends in this article. With us, you get long blouses with the outlandish accessories. Small ruffles adorn the collar and placket. DrawString tie Ribbon can be present in the waist area. Instead of buttons, you close your ladies long blouse with hook and eye closure. Here you will find long sleeved blouses as well as blouses with half or three-quarter sleeves length. The feminine appearance is strongly highlighted by seductive back lots or far cut shoulder shapes. See our range of long blouses for ladies, models in a unique colours or striking or discreet stick-on. Contrast the fashionable details apart from the basic tone. Wide cut blouses can provide you with a chic belt. Through their easily regulated substances, ladies long blouses provide a comfortable fit. Due to their special length and their casual cut ladies long shirts, always a good figure give their owners.