List of Shirt Brands

The gist of the test Hast shirt:
The Hast shirts have a slim fit (halfway between the slim cut and straight cut) and now offer an extra-slim offer.
The semi-cutaway collar, signature the brand is super versatile: with a tie and a large Windsor knot, it is well suited to a formal context. Without and with one or even two buttons open, it will also be suitable for more casual occasions.
The Hast shirts are made from a cotton double twisted, so more strong and durable than the average: we had already talked to Blue Rider.
We also spoke titration: here it is slightly lower because of a 100/2. But we must put things in context, such titration is already very respectable be, and is all the more impressive in these price ranges.

Office Artist

Since 2013, Olivier Cothenet, creator of the brand, offers a good balance of formal shirts and casual with high armhole but a more generous cut and with a little room in the back for not letting the side comfort during long days in the office. They are also distinguished by original textures. We talk in detail about the test conducted last December.

Oxence Paris

Hand-collar mounted with interlining and entoilée shift armhole: that of high-end finishes for relatively accessible prices. Quite a few stocks available against: we tested these shirts here.

They are available at 96 euros on Oxence Paris .

B Confidential Brands Yoox

This is much less known shirt brands that déstockent collections of past years, which therefore remain entirely valid in outlet.

Guy Rover

Guy Rover is one of the brands that has been adopted by Japanese fans menswear. Bizzarement, she was a bit ignored by the Americans and Europeans. The brand was started in 1967 in the North of Italy and has been quickly a real cult among geeks Japanese menswear. They are in fact coveted for their original cutaway collar, or some other raised collar. The discreet seam feature their logo is subtle. They finally have two brands of signing a discrete band sewn in the colors of Italy on the back of each collar and a subtle stitching feature their logo.

High quality, attention to detail and traditional tailoring factories are trademarks prestigious Rover Guy casual shirts sold on RuizeSolar. Venetian box is known all over Europe and abroad for a clever combination of traditional and modern tailoring.

Only fault of these shirts: a prohibitive price, more than 250 euros. Interest? A MASSIVE presence Yoox , and it does not seem to matter in line given the quality marks such as for example the horizontal buttonhole.