List Gathers Models to Protect the Cell Phone

The Xperia Z2  is a Sony smartphone that  arrived in Brazil in 2014  for R $ 2,499.The cell phone is designed with thin glass design and is available in black, white and purple colors. More than two years after its release, wearers of the visual can invest in a patterned or colored hood to leave the phone with their personality.

In addition, there are options with water and sand resistance, for those who like to take the device to beach or pool, and even cases that offer maximum protection with “armor” or anti-impact format. Want to buy a cover for the Xperia Z2 ? See the list we prepare with seven models of cases available in the national market, with price and specifications.

1) Wallet Cover

The wallet cover offers internal compartments for storing cards, cash or documents.Another advantage is the front cover, which protects the screen from possible scratches from day to day. The rear cover is ideal for keeping the Xperia Z2’s glass design safe and still keeping the smartphone more stable in use, as the model is a bitslippery and susceptible to digital fingerprints. The easiest model to find is the black, more basic color, with magnetic clasp. The hood can be bought with a price of $ 24.90 in online stores.

2) Discrete Layers

Transparent, black or matte cases are discreet and ideal for anyone who is just looking to protect the glass back of the Xperia Z2 and leave the cell phone tighter during handling. Most models are made of washable and flexible TPU. With the transparent model, you keep the original color of the cellphone evident, if you like.The version covers the sides of the phone, but that does not detract from use, as there are cutouts for buttons, connectors and camera. The price of this model is lower, from R $ 9.90.

3) Anti-Impact Cover

The anti-impact cover offers extra protection for the Sony cell phone, without leaving the design too robust. It has double coating on the back, withstands small drops, friction or scratches, thanks to the rubberized inside. This reduces the risks of the Xperia Z2’s glass design if it shatters in a fall. Another advantage is that the acrylic cover is textured to prevent accidental slipping. The case has a perfect fit on the phone with openings for buttons, plugs and camera. The price is from $ 29.90 in stores online.

4)  Stamped Layers

Do you miss a little more color? It is possible to find prints stamped for the Xperia Z2 in the national market. Models with musical instruments, animals, places, words and even mandalas are sold with manufacturing in plastic TPU and soft silicone. Ideal to keep the rear safe from scratches and still leave the phone with your face. There are camera vents, connectors and buttons with easy access. The price is between $ 29.90 and $ 49.90 depending on the online store.

5)  Water Resistant Cover

The Xperia Z2 is manufactured with water resistance, allowing dives at 1.5 m depth for 30 minutes. But after two years, it is possible that some cover has come loose, such as the one that seals the connectors or the microSD card slot, requiring extra protection in dips. In addition, this waterproof case keeps your phone safe from sand and dust during your travels, still functioning as an aquatic pouch to place documents. It holds up to 2 meters submerged and has handle for transport. You can access the touch screen even with the coated smartphone. The price is at $ 19.90 in national stores.

6)  Colorful Flip Cover

The user can find flip covers in various colors, such as yellow, white, pink, red and blue. There are also stylish and thin versions that do not detract from the smartphone’s slim design. This ensures protection without leaving the phone sturdy or heavy. The price is between $ 49 and $ 99 for models with an exclusive finish for the Xperia Z2. There are openings for buttons, connectors, and cameras.

7) Armor Layer

The “armor” shaped case is a little different, suitable for those who need to keep the phone in maximum safety during extreme sports, climbing or extreme activities. The model is more robust, keeping the audio ports and connectors sealed to prevent dust or debris. The hood is made from a blend of Gorilla Glass-to cover the screen-aluminum, foam, rubber and silicone-to keep your phone safe from impact. You can use touch normally. The price of this model is higher, from R $ 205 in national stores.