Lingerie To Leave You Speechless

Leave complexes and insecurities aside and encourage you to play around with your partner: surprise him with a good striptease! We give you the keys to leave it without words.

Before you begin, take care of creating a suitable environment: dimly lit, well-made bed and a Chair that you can dance and seduce you sensually imagining that it’s your partner. Also put some slow song that environment. Nine weeks and a half film music is perfect for dancing without clothes and seductive.

Choose well the lingerie. You have two options: If you want to be the master, choose a black or red lingerie but if, instead, you want him to take the reins, it opts for the lace and the pastel colours. In addition, to again loco, Ponte perfume between her breasts and on the back of the ears, and you smear oil body to give the impression of sweat.

When it comes to the Strip only, you have to remember 4 basic keys.

  1. your partner should see you as unreachable, you provoke him by leaving that only you can enjoy the view. Not you can touch until you decide it!
  2. plays with your body and with your lingerie: plays with bra straps, which are subtly falling, move your hips in a sensual way, look at him causing him, bite you lip…
  3. undress is an art so do so progressively. Take off your bra, turn so you can not see you breasts, turn and cover them with your hands… Mark you the rhythm because here everything happens when you decide.
  4. Finally, the golden rule: you must never completely.

Surprise your partner and explore your own sensuality and you’ll see what way more appetizing to break with routine.