Lingerie for Pregnant Ladies

Women curvy sometimes find it difficult to find clothes that follow current fashion trends and is affordable. And the same goes for the lingerie and underwear. The majority of firms in lingerie has a very limited size chart, which makes it almost impossible for women with curves have joint sexis and at reasonable prices. But for some time, there are brands of lingerie – especially those that are created by celebrities – that are committed to this market untapped.

Lingerie for Pregnant Ladies

The latest to join this is the model Ashley Graham, which presents a collection inspired by ’50 shades of Grey’ hosted on Although it will not reach stores until next August, seeing spots like this of their previous collections is clear that your designs will be very sexy. judge for yourselves!

To Ashley Graham already saw in the campaign of ‘ I’m No Angel’, who defended the real beauty. This model with curved takes five years of working with the firm Addition Elle creating designs of lingerie for all women, and we are confident that their next collaboration, inspired by one of the literary phenomena of the past years, will be a success among women. Ashley Graham has become one of the models most popular curvy of the moment, in addition to all an inspiration to many women who want to feel sexy, regardless of size.

Its line of lingerie is characterized by challenging, comfortable designs and designed for the comfort of women with curves and long chest. From clips with lace up inspired by bondage models, through suspenders of colors and panties with transparencies, the model poses in their designs proving that beauty has no size.

In addition, your clothes don’t spend $ 100, thing that it is welcome, since much of the lingerie for women with curves have very high prices. Its collections will be available in department stores of the United States and Canada, in addition to in onlinestores. We will see corsets, cheatings provocative and garters to leave our man speechless.

Do you think of parts of the collection designed by this model? You will have to wait until August to do us with her collection inspired by ’50 shades of Grey’.