LG Waiting Sell 10 Million Units of Your Next «Flagship»: The G4

This morning we learned thanks to the South Korean media that Samsung could already count with about 20 million from reserves of the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge, which, if confirmed, will demonstrate that many users have collected witness proposed by this brand with a very remarkable design change.

But Samsung isn’t the only brand that expects good sales of its smartphone «star» figures. Although LG has not yet filed his G4 (everything seems to indicate that he’s going to do in April), has already officially announced How many units to sell this year that will be his new “flagship”. And the figure is not but that nothing evil.

With 20 million in reserves that could apparently have Samsung «bound» (15 of them belonging to the Galaxy S6 and the other to the Edge model), the 10 million units who expects to sell its G4 LG seem to be quite conservative. But in reality are consistent with between them 6 and 7 million units that could have sold the G3 since it hit the stores in June of last year.

Interestingly, the G3 started quite strong, placing units during its first five days on sale in Korea of the 100,000 South. But gradually the pace of sales was slowing down, and ended up being clearly outclassed by the S5 Galaxy of Samsung, which sold 10 million units for the first 25 days in stores, while finally this has not been much less mobile most successful Samsung. Now we only need check what are the advantages of LG to get the users we are interested by your G4. Possibly in a month we will leave doubts.