LG Sold 15.4 Million Phones in The First Quarter, Raises Its Estimates for The LG G4

After spending a day too LG, with official presentation of your LG G4, comparative, Thomas contact and the dream turned to Windows, now is the turn of knowing how things have fared to the company during the first quarter of the year.

The Koreans they have shared the economic performance preliminary, unaudited, and they see that there are good numbers in regard to the sale of mobile. The Koreans managed to increase the sales of smartphones by 26% over last year, talking about selling 15.4 million telephones.

Especially remarkable is the growth in United States and Canada, where sales rose 55%. In his native country the thing has also gone very well, with a growth of 57 percent compared with the previous quarter.

Aside from the LG G Flex 2, there was big news at the high-end of the Koreans, so we understand that has gone to that model very well, also to the middle range Android, and the latest LG G3 tail, until his replacement starts to move by market.

Speaking of numbers – all divisions-, the company got record profits of 34,91 million dollars in the quarter, of 12.720 million dollars in revenue. Revenues remained more or less stable with respect to other periods, but the benefits without feature improvement.

While the TVs don’t give benefits that expected, the mobile division collects the harvest of work well done, getting the best numbers since LG decided to bet on Android in 2010. The second quarter of the year pint quite powerful with the departure of the G4 LG.

12 million LG G4

These are the sales expectations for the newly presented LG G4. Last month the forecasts were below, they talked about 10 million units around the world, but now that the phone is official, LG is becoming more optimistic regarding sales, and thinks in 12 million.

Information is shared the Korean news site Yonhap News, but puts it in the mouth of the own LG. The 10 million units is a brand that already got with the LG G3, so he paints not unreasonable that exceeds it the new model.