Lg Smart Phones: Firmware Update Correctly

You can update wirelessly via the Wi-Fi network or software LG PC Suite LG phones. We show you how to keep your smart phone, which features the PC Suite still offers.

Basically, you have always the possibility to keep the firmware OTA (Over the Air) for Android smart phones. LG offers the update check under “settings |” General | Phone info | Update Center | Software update”. Your smart phone will then automatically search for updates and downloads them via Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you perform the update via PC. That has the advantage of, inter alia, that you at the same time can create a backup of your data, to in case of an emergency quickly restore the device.

LG: Install Latest Smart Phone Firmware Via PC

You need the PC program LG PC Suite. The PC Suite automatically installs the right smart phone driver if the smart phone to your PC via a USB cable is connected. Open the tool and click on “Update search” on the home page under “Device software”.

Note: As soon as an update is available, you need to confirm only the Android update. Interrupt the installation under any circumstances and not disconnect your phone from the PC.

The LG PC Suite install not only the latest Android version and create backup copies, you can the tool to manage your device–so videos or music sync and import contacts and calendar entries. Interesting is also the function “smart share”, with which you wirelessly Exchange files and stream photos and videos.

LG: Manually Update Via Flash Tool

Experienced users can download even the latest Android firmware for your LG smart phone and Flash tool install. This method has the advantage that you don’t have to wait for official updates from LG or the respective provider.