LG LifeBand Touch Now Available in Spain

It’s funny, but LG was the first major phone manufacturers to present us his cuantificadora bracelet last January, beyond the 2014 CES in Las Vegas. Despite this, the LifeBand Touch LG has been the last to get to a market where already almost all the contenders is have been positioning.

It opened a month ago in the United States, and with a clear delay the LifeBand Touch LG will arrive this week to Spain, where will compete in a market already rather trite and with all the flavors and colors options.

Based its model into a smart bracelet with more advanced capabilities to the of a typical quantifier, although its appearance resembles, well almost rigid finish and its opening elastic onto the doll does LG bet very similar to the Fuelband of Nike.

One ride bracelet screen OLED monochrome It aims to reduce energy consumption, and is touch to interact with it although the LifeBand Touch incorporates also a physical button.

It is able to monitor our activity collecting data of stepped steps, low calories or distance traveled. You can also connect with heart rate monitors and services such as Runkeeper, MapMyFitness or MyFitnessPal; and as if this wasn’t enough, is able to notify us messages or calls.

It has advantages and drawbacks, like any device, and users is to choose which best suits your needs. For the comparison you will miss meet the price recommended by LG, which will be 149 euros.