LG Lancet, Koreans Are Back with Windows

We anticipate you at end of month, LG wanted to try again with Windows. Although we do not touch directly, being a product initially devised for the United States, the possibility seems to us very interesting since live in a time in which both the platform of Microsoft, as the Korean company, they are gaining interest in different points of the planet.

LG is having its best sales in United States, since he decided to make mobiles, that Yes, the hand of Android. But it can become an ideal partner for Windows and its complicated expansion. The phone in question responds to the name of * LG Lancet *, and comes from the hand of Verizon.

It is the first Windows phone in years, and it is that we must remember that LG opted to go the hand of Microsoft when he started his career, but the reality is that it has fared much better when he embraced Android with total priority.

What we find in Lancet is a “simple” phone, with display of 4.5 inch (854 x 480 pixels), 410 Snapdragon processor, with 1GB of RAM, and 8 megapixel camera. The case of LG and United States, we did not expect anything other than LTE connectivity.

I think that Microsoft and its partners have learned that if there is a way where gain ground is in lower ranges, up costs too much stress between Androids of high-end and iPhones. Also, I’d like to see one day LG G4 with Windows 10.