LG It Will Try with Phones Windows, Testing on Your Own Website

We have to go to 2010 to meet the first Windows Phone developed by LG, at that time became a partner strategic for Microsoft the landing of the first version of the new platform, Windows Phone 7.

Since then, they have not had greater interest in continuing with it – some rumored model – passing to grow year after year in the mobile business, the hand of Google and Android. At the end of last year appeared indications that a new phone with Microsoft’s operating system was going to come out into the light, today almost can confirm that it will be so.

The LG website referred to a pair of devices that would be associated with the operator Verizon, and therefore, with the United States as an initial destination. One of them would be the LG VW820, and the other, a Variant known internally as VW820SS.

There are currently no more information about them, and therefore we do not know the differences between the new Korean phones. Looking outside the domains of LG, we find that the first passed by the body Bluetooth SIG, with the description of “mobile phone”.

Turning now to hard and pure rumors, it is said that they wouldn’t be phones with big aspirations in terms of hardware – as we have seen with Acer-, rather it would be a simple device, with 4.7-inch WVGA screen and low price. It seems that manufacturers and Microsoft are clear that if there is to cut back on land, is with affordable phones.

Although use of the “Windows Phone” is made in the official documentation, we understand that things are going on Windows 10. We hope to see you soon in the American market, and with a bit of luck, in the international market, opening a new and interesting alternative path.