LG Is Postulated as The Manufacturer of The Family’s Next Smartphone Nexus

Overtook it a few weeks ago and few more facts come to light more seem to confirm those rumors. Huawei seems to be chosen to produce the next tablet of the Nexus family, While the smartphone will be borne by LG. The South Korean daily eToday indicates that a group of Google engineers recently visited the headquarters of LG to launch the project with the codename ‘N000’.

That project would be precisely the one dedicated to launch your next mobile device of the Nexus family, which if you follow the tradition should be called Nexus 7 but not theoretically adopt that name that already belongs to the small tablets that long were launched in the market.

Google engineers visited both the r & d laboratories of LG as the headquarters of LG Display division, in addition to factories involved in manufacturing both of components for the Wireless charging -good track pointing to that support on the device – and photo with optical stabilisation systems sensors.

Met transfer rumours, We would be faced with the third of smartphones that LG makes for Google. I was responsible for the production of the 4 Nexus and Nexus 5, and would make the company the only Samsung that has been responsible for three products in this range. It will be interesting to see whether the impending LG G4 which should appear in the next few weeks influences much or not in that future mobile device of the Nexus family.