LG G4 Will Arrive in April, The Company Bet More and More on Their Own SoC

We have already met two major proposals for major manufacturers when it comes to conquer the high range in the coming months, but there are many unknowns to be resolved. Among them, from that future LG G4 that will happen to the device current franchise.

In The Korea Times quoted the words of the President of LG, Juno Cho, who highlighted the importance of the new user experience (UX) of these future devices. In fact, he said, LG G4 will be shown announced just after the presentation of this new visual interface.

“We will present the LG UX 4.0 before presenting the LG G4,” said Cho. “I think that it is the best and the problem is how to adjust the new UX system on the G4 smartphone in the best possible way.” It not only gave this track, but it played a role in the relevance to develop their own processors for their mobile devices currently has.

It is very important to produce our own mobile chips. LG Electronics has been consistent in this development, so we hope to gradually incorporate them into our new models. We have a lot of problems that need to be solved, but the second (and third) generation of processors will be much better.

In LG also mentioned the important thing is the fact that the LG G4 will be “radically different” from the G3. The design of these devices was valued very positively since its launch, but it seems that the South Korean company is preparing surprises that we look forward to discover. The idea, says Cho, is the “becoming the third manufacturer of smartphones this year in terms of annual sales”. To do so, highlighted by this steering, they promoted the G4 especially in Korea of the South and United States.