LG G4 Is What Need LG?

Now, finally, LG G4. Although we aware all its details and characteristics needed confirmation from LG, which finally arrived today with his presentation in London.

LG G4 It is the umpteenth smartphone of the South Korean company, whose existence in the market has been a constant despite having taken a variable rate in all these years. In recent times have managed to find the key to insert the path toward improves it: the LG G2 and G3 have put the bar very high; is what you need LG LG G4?

Their two latest (and very good) generations

We have to go back a couple of years ago to check that the last two generations of LG have been excellent, beginning with the LG G2 and its curious and unique back button, and following the most recent LG G3. Phones that today are still selling like hotcakes, despite already having a giant trajectory in the market so changed that it is that of smartphones.

What does the LG G4 which do not make their two previous ships logo? We have prepared a comparison table so you can check with your own eyes the main differences as regards the technical characteristics:

Screen 5.2 inch True HD-IPS 5.5 inch True HD-IPS 5.5 inch True HD-IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels(424 DPI) 2560 x 1440 pixels(534 ppp) 2560 x 1440 pixels(534 ppp)
SoC QualcommSnapdragon 800 MSM89744xKrait 400 ~2.26 GHz. Qualcomm801 Snapdragon MSM89754xKrait 400 ~2.50 GHz. QualcommSnapdragon 808 MSM89922xCortex-A57 + 4xCortex-A53 ~2.00 GHz.
GPU Adreno 330 Adreno 330 Adreno 418
RAM 2 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Storage 16/32 GB 16/32 GB + microSD 32 GB + microSD
Camera Rear 13 Mpx.Optical stabilizationLED flashFront 2.1 megapixel. Rear 13 Mpx.Optical stabilizationAutofocus laserLED dual-toneFront 2.1 megapixel. Rear 16 Mpx.f/1.8, optical stabilizationAutofocus laserLED dual-toneFront 8 megapixel.
Battery 3,000 mAh. 3,000 mAh. 3,000 mAh.
Dimensions 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm 149.1×75, 3×8.9 mm
Weight 143 grams 149 grams 155 grams
Other Bluetooth 4.0LTE Cat.4 Bluetooth 4.0LTE Cat.4 Quick Charge 2.0Bluetooth 4.0LTE Cat.6Customization of the back cover with plastic and leather options
Operating system Android 4.2.2available Android 5.0 update Android 4.4.2available Android 5.0 update Android 5.1
Current price 300 euros at Amazon 364 euros at Amazon Unknown

And now that we know the marked path, is the G4 LG LG need? Let’s see it

LG no longer needs to innovate (both)

The LG G2 was groundbreaking because the LG removed the physical buttons on the side. Its first smartphone without any buttons in front or on the sides; in return, LG placed three in the rear: two for volume and one central to the work of lock/unlock.

It drew attention, of course, and was one of the biggest innovations introduced by LG in the market. In our analysis of the G2 out that they provided a feeling weird in the first moments of usage, since it was not the usual place to which we were accustomed. After a time they were even comfortable handle.

LG repeated formula in the G3, which has risen from 5.2 to 5.5 inches, and the back button got a slight modification which got a best fit to a more natural position. Was not a completely innovative feature, if not a little positive change that pleased their users and that is repeated in the G4: evolving the back button. It innovates? Much less; It is a new iteration in the design of this feature.

The design is maintained. LG seems to have hit the nail with the G3, and should recognize that G4 seems to him a lot. Another thing are materials, on which we will discuss later. The design has not changed in excess, symbol that LG wants to maintain a continuous line. What worked in the past, should now work.

The screen is a third characteristic that does not need to evolve. They went from 5.2 to 5.5 inches between the G2 and G3, respectively; the G4 opts for the same panel 5.5 “of 2560 x 1440 pixel, a now common standard in the high ranges of the market. The SoC is another more evolution: Snapdragon 800-801-810 would have been natural, but perhaps those Qualcomm with its latest model problems or lack of stock have forced LG to opt for an alternative, as it is the new 808. Changes? Another small evolution.

The innovations of the G2 and G3 are no longer so necessary in the G4, a much more continuous smartphone

LG G4 follows a continuous line with many points that pass through a logical, purely evolutionary thought in the market and necessary: If you do not adapt to small developments in features, will stay out of the market. Is there then no news? Yes, they exist, and they are really interesting.

Betting by the premium, a rising market

Plastic smartphones are the majority. Some (few) opt for other materials, such as metal or glass, and we consider them premium smartphones. The LG G4 wants to go a step further in the premium world with its natural leather rear.

It is not the only phones that use these materials and for example Motorola Moto X brings it shaped accessory. However, LG has wanted to go a step beyond by adding an variety rarely seen color available (black, Brown, Burgundy, sky blue, beige, yellow, to Spain will be only the first three).

This novelty, which might seem trivial, It will help differentiate greatly with respect to the other G4. Today all are highlighting the new LG phone by their rear decks, which are of course different with respect to the most common. LG has gotten what he wanted: make a point of difference with respect to ‘the other’. This is what you need the South Korean company.

Photography, increasingly important

They say that smartphones have killed the compact cameras, something that is checked quickly seeing what are the devices most used on Flickr. Photography is increasingly important for users, and precisely related to the capture of images we have another novelty presented by LG.

f/1.8, 16-Megapixel, autofocus with laser sensor, dual-tone LED and manual controls. Good looking, right?

Lack of to prove terminal with detail, the 16-Megapixel, the laser sensor and the focal 1.8 LG G4 as a great camera position. We don’t yet know if it will come to be the best on the market, but since then yes it will be in the top of the 2015. If the picture like and is an increasingly essential for users section, LG has done it to improve. This was if necessary.

Along with the improved sensor, LG has also updated the interface to offer manual controls. Undoubtedly, photography lovers will be delighted with this improvement which, all told, several Mobile competition already integrated it.

A good step forward… If the price is accompanied

The G2 was a large terminal, and the G3 had a tremendous success for the price lower than the competition – and with some features, like resolution, above. The G4 LG we need to know a fact, price, which, as always, is a key factor to assess the device as a whole.

We must recognize that we we have a new phone which is not a very aggressive change from the past of the most recent company. LG G4 has more in common with their predecessors than groundbreaking or innovative features, While it is true that LG has managed to position a different phone on the market.

Continue with what had already been good phones in past generations. There was no need for great innovations, if not of small enhancements. And that is what he has done with the G4. From my point of view, Yes: this is what I needed LG, those who have sought their own way until you find it. We’ll see if it accompanies them – key factor – price, market and community.