LG G3 and The Possibilities of The Window QuickWindow

Regardless of the technology that is going to brand new LG G3 – primarily through its QHD display-, go to get news from the point of view software, like a new interface. Related to it we have the form of leverage one of the accessories the product, QuickWindow star.

LG takes as time proposing covers with a window in the area of screen – front cover – and that is precisely QuickWindow, in the case of the LG G3, will have a circular design. That is something that we had seen a few days ago in a filtered image (image that introduces the news).

But had not been able to take a look at the interface which is displayed by the window, now, thanks to a filtration by evleaks, we have a gallery with some of the possible workings:

See complete gallery» LG G3 QuickWindow (5 photos)

We can make and inform us of many things without opening the housing cover: watches, information of time, messages, Gallery, notifications, or even our sporting activity monitoring.

We hope that new widgets and applications will be tailored to that small circular screen. We know that LG is going to carry out a significant change in the appearance of the interface, until now known as Optimus UI, simple and flat, as they set trends.

Taking advantage of that we speak of the phone, on the British website company and have you reserved a space. It is known as LG G3 D855. On 27 may know officially QuickWindow and phone.