LG G Watch R Lands Tomorrow in United Kingdom, Although for The Majority of Markets Will Be Delayed a Bit

LG G Watch R is the second incursion of the Koreans in the market of smart watches, where now have opted for a more classic circular design in the wake of direct competition so lauded as the bike 360.

We already knew from previous information that the LG G Watch R He began his career at the end of this October, although it seems that for the majority of European markets it will be delayed until the beginning of November.

Yes in time reach the United Kingdom, where it will be possible to acquire it from tomorrow priced at 224.99 pounds, about 285 euros at the current Exchange, in the major online distributors. Indicated a date of shipment from Monday 27th, so the first Android Wear fully circular screen already finally lands on the market.

It seems that LG will make public the arrival plans to other markets from tomorrow, although Italian fellow Android HDBlog have confirmed that his country will come at the beginning of November.

We assume that Spain will also be among the markets that suffer this small delay, and waiting for the release official of the Korean manufacturer confirming prices and launch dates, we can expect that the clock arrives here in a couple of weeks at a price among the 275 to 300 euros.