LG Anticipates Us Some News in The G4 LG UX 4.0 Interface

We have him around the corner, but LG is releasing information with eyedropper on the LG G4. Now turn you to the software -which already taught us in a first video – in what is known as UX 4.0, customizing Android of the House.

In a new video, we have up to four new features, mainly related to the camera. Firstly we have to QuickShot, a system devised to take pictures without having the mobile power, since we can make decision with a double-tap on one of the buttons on the back.

Following novelty has to do with selfies, or at least with the assistance so that we can get better results in the front-facing camera. The functionality is called Gesture Interval Shot, and allow us to perform four different pictures in a sequence started by gestures.

The next thing that we have in the video is Ringtone ID, as we can guess what us allows it is create and associate melodies with each contact. Nothing new to the margin that makes it automatically, but will have to see how implemented it to see if there is something relevant.

Finally we have Quick Memo +, that deletes information not required or annoying websites, like ads, or details that prevent a clear view. I believe that this issue is more clear in the video:

Be seen in Iran

On LG G4 itself, there is little left to count up to the official arrival on 28 April. We know that it is a terminal with 5.5 inch QHD screen and boasts 16 and 8 megapixel developed by the own LG cameras.

Somewhere as exotic in this mobile as Iran, has been seen in the three images that teach us that there will be a version Dual SIM:

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