Today I’m going to do a special post about a brand that just met and consume and that I was in love, L’enfance. When I saw the site I was charmed with everything and I ended up buying 2 gifts for Bruna, bowling and the educational cubes. All the toys are made in a special super soft plush with delicate colors, and the care of the brand is not only the products, but also the packaging that was even open penalty so beautiful they are.

Is what we call “premium” product that has value not only for the product but because everything involving the brand, website, packaging, greeting cards, care delivery. Why I like show also more sophisticated options, which cost the same as a clothes cool and that will not be “one more” in the closet.

So that one special gift for you to give to a loved one and which will please and impress for sure.

The boxes are so beautiful and excellent quality that you can use in the decoration of the room after!

The bowling is super cool, because in addition to the traditional prank with the ball, you still have 6 different pets for your kid play. And the cubes as well as educational, I bought to decorate the shelf that looks great!

In addition to these toys, the Children have the “Les Amis”, little plush crazy so beautiful that you can then buy other clothes and switch as many times as you want.

It’s worth checking how much baby has on site and enjoy because there’s still time to buy a Christmas gift more than special for your child or someone who deserves a product look like it was done with great care.