Steadfast boots allow a firm hold and stand

As leggings you originally referred to a garment for the lower leg by soldiers. It was primarily the function from injury, to protect moisture and dirt. The term “gamache” comes from the French, which in turn derives from the Spanish word “gaudamaci”, which actually referred to a certain type of leather. Also the nobility wore mostly white boots that were worn but very shortened. The most famous figure who wears spats, arguably Dagobert Duck. Today, gaiters is still in some sports are worn, they are however rather become a synonym for the horse boots.

Leggings consist of leather, fur, or plastic. They have especially the function to protect the tendons and joints of the horse. The leggings are an indispensable equipment just for jumping horses, because the loads of the jumps are great for joints and tendons. Gaiters protect due to their special bindings at increased risk of injury. With us, you get even bandages to protect of the horses next to leggings. Leggings are closed usually using a velcro closure, making it practical in handling. Also, no rider must give up fashionable colors and patterns. Leggings can be different in their form, depending on what is to be protected. Leggings for the transport are much higher than for example the boots for jumping horses.

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Many boots for your horse

Gaiters are the simpler, faster-to-be to bandages. They are more comfortable in handling and stress freedom of a fast loading on the front and hind legs for man and horse. Horse legs are prone to injury, too, or just because, horses running animals. Horses tend to inflict grazes or impact injuries himself, by himself stepping. Also running and Gallop in rough terrain can cause such injuries. You can protect your horse by applying it to the sensitive and thin-skinned place, between hoof – and ankle boots. Also, the tendon is protected.

Leggings are so versatile, useful and put due to their lightweight and easy handling of each horse friend. Leggings emphasis is to make sure that they are very high quality and of a material nature, that won’t hurt the horse. Unsuitable Leggings have no effect, can even promote shocks and injuries or worse. Find a selection of high-quality boots for your horse with us, visit us just once. On quality and suitability, we put special emphasis on our boots and with a purchase with us you can be sure that you do something good for your horse and buy a quality product.