LED PAR Spotlight

Unlike previous LED spotlights with chunky and heavy aluminum heat sinks, the series is 2471 equipped with a new heatsink technology. Fine blades made of special aluminum with inside tapering outward sectional conduct occurring at the LED chips heat quickly from the inside out. By compared to conventional heat sinks significantly larger radiating the heat is transferred quickly to the environment, the base temperature of the LEDs is significantly below 70 ° C, which ensures a long service life with very little light loss. The reduced material use of aluminum, the weight of the PAR spotlight is considerably reduced, which is not only the E27 sockets but also the fitters as signs in general benefits.

The integrated electronics ensures constant power supply of the LEDs even with variable input voltage 110-265 VAC.

The new PAR spots of the series 2471 are currently available with 7 x 1 Watt, 7 x 2 watts and 12 x 1 Watt, currents up to 1000 lm, in different colors of light.

Smaller LED spots with the same lightweight heat sink technology for MR16 (12V) and GU-10 (230 Volt)-Steckfassungen are also available.

Interested parties can find more detailed information about LED lighting and data sheets to download in Ledlightsclassified.