LED Light Smartbalance Brings Elegance And Efficiency In Swiss Office Building

SmartBalance is functional and unobtrusive-and scores thus in Switzerland. Recently, the newPhilips Office lamp was elected of the 500 participants of the LED-Forum in Zurich, the Swiss Professional Association for electrical -, energy – and information technology society organised together with the Swiss light, product of the year.

Hampi Lussi knows why. The Managing Director of Planteams.ch AG has deliberately opted for this modern LED light for the offices of his company in the Swiss Kägiswil and says: “you can believe me, designers are not so easy to satisfy. The new Office lamp has convinced however all around us, with their performance, energy efficiency and the truly beautiful design.”

The Office building of Planteams.ch AG in Kägiswil is the most important energy standard for new buildings in Switzerland, built according to Minergie standard. Main criterion was a significant energy and cost savings for the purchase of new office lighting system for the first floor. At the same time, the lamp should be maximum functional and optimally integrated into the concept of the Office. A refined, unobtrusive design and best lighting conditions with feel-good effect for all five individual offices as well as the open-plan office with integrated meeting corner were important for the employees.

Two light

SmartBalance pendant lamp with neutral white light (light color 4000 k) and DALI lighting control was selected to the lighting. To meet the required characteristics, high Lumenpaketen, high luminous efficacy and understated elegance. Its especially flat design blends harmoniously and discreetly in the different offices and gives every room a very private atmosphere.

The selected design as a pendant luminaire offers two different light effects. You connects directly with indirect light and provides not only conforming to standards light on the jobs, but brightens the room ceilings. So, the work environment is more generous and more spacious. The sophisticated rundumentblendete optics, an intelligent combination of OLC microlenses and wing optics ensures an optimum, uniform and full screen-ready workstation lighting.

The SmartBalance achieved a light output up to 96 lumens per watt by the innovative optics and high energy efficiency of the used LEDs, according to listofledlights. This value is reflected as in comparable luminaires with the already energy-efficient TL5 lamps in up to 30 percent less energy consumption. The Planteams.ch AG through the operation of the dimmable DALI control gear realized further energy savings. The service life of 50,000 hours of operation ensures low maintenance costs. The selected high-quality, neutral white light promotes also the concentration of employees. As modern office luminaire, the SmartBalance supports also the well-being and motivation in the workplace.