Learn if You’re Carrying the Weight on Handbags and Backpacks

Backaches and ideal weight you must carry

Take care of your column, I wonder if you carry is hurting your spine? Learn all about how to protect your back and relieve back pain. Take care.

Did you know that the ideal weight we can load corresponds to 10% of our weight.Many people put a lot into their bags and carry, without noting that this may be one of the causes of the so feared backaches.

Any weight you load must be balanced and better distributed as possible. Shopping in the grocery store, at work, at home with domestic services at the school carrying backpacks stay tuned. Parents should pay attention to their children and protect them by correcting the excess weight bearing to go to school.

In addition to these causes of pain, our column tends to “grow old” naturally over the years. Other aggravating factors as genetics that are the family histories where the pain may start from a young age, wrong posture, the overweight among others can also cause pain.

We also have beaks of parrot, a popular term to refer to it is osteoarthritis, the wear of the vertebrae, causing back pain.

What to do to get rid of back pain. know that 80% of the pains in the coast are benign and may pass after a rest or exercise. Should we be worried when there was a trauma, when we feel loss of power and sensitivity in the legs or when there is fever and weight loss. With an exercise going on, calm down.

Some exercises can relieve pain and weariness in the back as: lie on your back on an exercise mat and hug one leg at a time, after the two, against the body, counting to ten in each movement and repeating the some 8 times each.

Persisting symptoms, seek medical attention.

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