Learn How to Wear Bras

Of course the adhesive bra is a very useful tool in a woman’s wardrobe, but the real question is: how to wear a bra  and how to choose the right one? Without despair, Underforms will show you how easy it is.

It is a fact that a bra strap showing up is a gaffe that your look can not commit.
Wearing the right bra for your body and for the occasion, you feel more confident, sexy and confident, not to mention that you can forget your problems with a beacon lit forever!

There are several types of adhesive bra and each has a specific function.

For each woman, an appropriate bra: for women with full breasts, for those who want to highlight the lap, for those who simply want to “turn off” the lighthouse lit, it all depends on the intention in the look.

But, How To Wear A Bra?

1st Step

For women with large breasts, the ideal is to choose a model that extends up to the ribs, this guarantees the support that full breasts require and slap everything that is needed.

Already for the case of medium and small size breasts, you can abuse any desired model.

Both for nipple disguises and for trend self-adhesive bras, which ensure more comfort and safety.

2nd Step

Before putting on the adhesive bra, make sure your skin is ready.

Wash the area with mild soap and water to remove perspiration and prevent oils, and dry with a towel to finish.

Do not use creams, oils, lotions and perfume as they prevent the adhesive from clinging properly to your skin.

Step 3

Open the carton and remove the sealing wrap that covers the area of ​​the bra sticker.

The intent of the adhesive is not to trap or damage your skin, let alone leave traces. So you do not have to worry about the time of removal.

Underforms glues are superpotent but are tested in laboratories and are hypoallergenic.

4th Step

Tilt the chest forward, forming a 45 ° angle with the trunk and place the cup bra cup by cup.

Make sure the bra is properly seated by pressing the ends.

It is easy to see if you have inserted it correctly, you will feel the support of the breasts.

See how much simpler than you think?

Not sure where to buy yours? Now that there are no more questions about how to wear a bra, you need to set the best model for you!