Learn How to Make Your Google Pixel Waterproof

Despite the many features revealed in Google Pixel, the first smartphone produced by Google itself does not have a function common to most mobile phones available on the market: resistance against water.However, it is not necessary to protect it from any source of liquid. Users of the new Android phone have already created ways to make Google Pixel water proof, just like the Pixel XL. See below for various methods invented to protect the device.

The Obvious Way: Buy A Waterproof Case

If the phone does not have the function, it is of course necessary to choose a waterproof cover, which will help Google Pixel not to be damaged in any accidents with the device. One of the brands that rely on this type of protection is Lifeproof FRE, which, in addition to water protection, also protects appliances from falling and dust. The brand is already marketed in Brazil and is available in models, for iPhone, iPad Mini and the smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy line, and you can buy them from LISTOFUSNEWSPAPERS.

Make Your Google Pixel Waterproof… Bagging It!

If a cover is not enough, how about bagging your smartphone? Usually seen in coastal areas and used in boating, the disadvantage of putting phones in this type of waterproof bag is that the usability of the device has been sacrificed, since using the touch screen becomes much more difficult. Still, using this type of cover is a good thing to make Google Pixel waterproof, especially in places where the chances of this happen are greater, such as beaches or pools.

Avoid Some Practices To Take Less Risks

Some customs may put our smartphones at risk, especially those that do not have this kind of protection like Google Pixel. Because of this, it is advisable not to take certain risks that we go through everyday. For example, avoid getting your phone out of your pocket to check for new messages during rainy days. Pixel is not so sensitive that some raindrops do real damage, but to avoid further problems, we recommend that you wait for a covered spot to check your WhatsApp.

Another recommendation is to always keep it in front pockets or in pockets. As the smartphone gets out of sight, it is common to forget that it is in a back pocket. What can happen is when you lift or lower your pants, your cell phone will fall out of your pocket, hit the floor or, worse, end up in a toilet. We do not want to lose the cell phone and still make fun of it, right?

The third and final recommendation is for those who, even following these steps, ended up with the wet cell phone. Our tip is that you put it to dry as quickly as possible, so as to prevent water from damaging any component. Use light cloths or even the sleeve of your shirt to wipe the wet. However, do not use items such as dryers, since the heat emitted by the appliance and the evaporation of the water can make the components brittle.