Learn 5 Tips to Not Err in Lingerie

Having a crush is good, isn’t it? The thrill of having a person who messes with you, be it for a way out, a walk or even just for something casual, is a delight!

And, to please you, it’s cool that you use various gimmicks. One of them is the underwear! See 5 tips to not miss in lingerie and beat the crush!

1. Use A New Lingerie

No one deserves to be going to meet the crush and be an accident with the underwear: for example, a thread fraying or unraveling or tearing. To avoid this andnot make a mistake in lingerie is good to buy a new lingerie, which will cause you to avoid accidents, has a beautiful piece and only for this moment.

2. Choose One That Makes You Feel Powerful

It does not help you stay just trying to guess the likes of your crush. It is important that you feel good, beautiful and powerful when using your lingerie.

Choose one that, when looking in the mirror, do you feel the sexiest woman in the world. The model, color, details, the size, everything has to be suitable for you to feel well using it.

3. Not To Miss In Lingerie, Choice Also For Comfort

Many end up being a little daring lingerie uncomfortable for some models of body.Whether they are large or small or of certain material, it will vary from woman to woman.

Then, choose the materials, models and types that make you more comfortable.After all, no one deserves to feel good about not being with a tight clothing or that is made with a material that bothers you, isn’t it?

4. Be A Little Daring

Want to show you’re craving even your crush? So as not to miss in lingerie and leave you very happy, how about being a little more daring?

You can use and abuse of colorful pieces, combinations, bras, lace strappy bra, panties lace, different models, sexy and warm colors, two colors, Thong panties, thongs, panties of Kos louder but leaving the butt showing up, corsets, Garter belts, stocking .875, etc.

The important thing is that you know that everything is valid for that TA in visual, especially along with a killer makeup!

5. Scan The Likes Of Crush

You can find out how are the likes of your crush and know how to surprise him in simple ways, without being too direct. Want to know how?

Try, for example, see what are the colors of clothing that he likes. It may be that his favorite color, therefore, also be the number one choice as to lingerie.

You can also discover some tastes and invest in costumes that relate to that. Or even risk a few jokes. For example, if it is health care, how about dressing like a nurse and speak that night who will look after him will you?

So, what do you think of these tips from ehistorylib.com? Do you think they are useful to you don’t Miss on lingerie? Tell us your opinion in the comments!