Leak Many Photos of the Imposing Samsung Galaxy View

The tablet market is literally”growing.” Growing tablets dominate the industry. The Apple announced the imposing iPad Pro , which will have a 12.9 inch screen and a tip configuration. The Samsung is  also working on a giant tablet to respond in kind: the Galaxy View, new member of the line-up of the Korean giant. A mountain of photos of the device leaked into the network and was posted by Sam Mobile , who signs each image with watermark. Check out the gallery above.

The screen of the monstrous device has no less than 18.4 inches. But do not confuse”monstrous” with “tumbler”: despite the size, the tablet seems to have a stylish and modern design, and can be used for various purposes. The images clearly show an advertising material, with people enjoying the product in several different contexts.

Absence of Home button and other aesthetic additions

Samsung has applied some cosmetic changes to the tablet compared to previous Galaxy family phones. The first most notable aspect, for example, is the absence of the Home button, so traditional in the company’s products in recent years. The images do not show very clearly, but the device will have on-screen navigation buttons.

Another highlight is the tablet dock, far from being a traditional model. It has a curved aspect that seems to give enough flexibility to the device. In addition, there is a foothold through which the device can be transported with relative ease.

Possible specifications

So far, the technical features of Galaxy View have not been officially released, but the rumors from areacodesexplorer.com are as follows:

  • AMOLED screen with resolution higher than 2K and 18.4 inches
  • Exynos 7580 chip system with 64-bit octa-core CPU at 1.6 GHz
  • 2 GB to 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage (possible expansion via card)
  • Android operating system

It remains to await an official Samsung positioning on these specifications and other details of the product, such as launch date, price, etc.