Leaf VAC

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Brings the autumn wind and storm, where you best inside beautiful it is warm with a cup tea cosy makes. He brings a premonition of the quiet winter time and is so slow on the dark season. But in autumn the leaves fall, and these must be collected and disposed of. Still enjoy the beautiful autumn, by simplifying this work using a hardwood cleaner.

Foliage cleaner have often a bladder function, the first sweep up the leaves. Then they get sucked into its bag then. The relatively light weight of the foliage cleaner is important, because this must be worn for a long time, with either the collection bag or a strap over the shoulder. You can choose from various designs, whose Motoren have different benefits. Look also on weight and additional features of the foliage cleaner to find the device best for you and the required purpose. Our range offers you all the benefits that can have such a device. Look around just with us.