Le Royal Week: Kate &William’s Wedding-Thursday

Only a few hours to Kate Middleton say “I’m going to love, comfort, love and protect”. She’s not silly ruled out the “obey” of votes, as well as Diana did.

And how is the last post in the series, let’s talk about real guests and scratched on the guest list for real.

Special Guests:

Main Photographer and former of the Royal family, and was also the photographer of the engagement and the wedding. I’ve always been a fan of Testino, this cover of Vanity Fair with Gisele on the cover is Beautiful! Testino Rocks!

One of my favorite singers was also invited, Joss Stone. Will she sing?

The fashion and classy couple David Beckham and Victoria

Posh Beckham are also on the list.

Elton John, great friend of Diana was also invited. Is he also going to sing? I HOPE!

Those Who Thought That They Would Go, But…

> Barack Obama;
> Tony Blair (former Prime Minister);
> Gordon Brown (Prime Minister);
> Daniella Issa Helayel (stylist, Kate used her dress in engagement);

Well, now it’s just sleep and wait to see the big wedding in the morning. Will see? I’ll try to get up early to post in REAL TIME the latest news and gossip on the clothes of the guests.

I Hope You Guys Here In The Morning.

Kissing with lipstick nude!

P.s.: Breaking News: Prince William will wear black tie to Cononel of the Irish guards British army. Well, that’s to be expected, right?
The same jeweler who made the rings of the second marriage of Prince Charles with Camilla, Wartski, was the one that did the design of the alliances of KATE & WILLIAM… a gift from Queen Elizabeth shortly after announcing the engagement.
Harry, William’s brother and best man, it’s going to take the rings. #SoCute!
And the dress??? Nothing yet, we won’t know tomorrow.

But my bet is McQueen. He’s British, so can be.

What’s Your Bet? PUT IN THE COMMENT!

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