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In the sport of handball two teams, which consist of seven players to compete. The aim of this game is to throw the ball within the playing time of two times thirty minutes into the opponent’s goal. Who score the most goals during a competition in handball, wins the game. Thus a highly exciting game is kindled with the kick-off quickly, wherein hope the spectators up to the last minute and are exposed to fear and many other emotions, whether your team or not achieve victory.

Each team consists of seven people, including a goalkeeper and six field players in handball. During a competition, the player may touch the ball with all parts of the body up to the knee. You must dribble the ball at least once every three steps and allowed no more than three seconds hold him. Otherwise, the opposing team gets the ball.

The sports equipment at the handball includes the game ball, suitable sportswear and flat, solid shoes. While the game ball consists of an air-filled plastic or leather cover. A total of three different sizes of balls are used, depending on the age and gender of the player. Often, the ball for the sport of Handball is epoxied so that it can be held with one hand and does not slip. But there are also in many halls resin prohibition because they can leave sticky traces. Comfortable, high-quality sports shoes, which will assist the athletes in the game and do not interfere with are just as important for the handball. Also a thigh protection is often very useful, because these are particularly claimed in sports.

In our assortment you will find many products around the sport of handball. Of course, the most important utensil is the handball. We offer you specialize in leather and plastic in different sizes. The ball with the size of one is the right for children from the age of eight. The size of two is used in women’s handball, and for young people. For men and boys from the age of sixteen, the size of three matching is normally. Under eight years of age usually the so-called mini handball is used for kids, is easy to control due to its small size of only 48 cm for the smallest.

On the clothing at the handball are high demands to make. Jerseys and shorts must be not only functional, but also the fashion requirements. In the selection of the material, you should set to light and breathable materials. In handball, it is very important to protect the body. Handball is a sport that very claimed the body. Footwear should be so self-evident. The knees and the elbows are exposed to a particularly high load at the game. That wearing knee and elbow protectors, as well as, where appropriate, a deep protection can be significantly minimizes the risk of injury. In our assortment you will find also everything the goalkeeper at the handball equipment required.

Handball: A versatile sports for which there is to buy numerous accessories

Under handball is a game understood, which has similar goals such as the Football League. Two opposing teams play against each other, trying to carry the ball into the opponent’s goal. Is, instead of using the foot, played with the hands. Goal is to achieve as many goals as possible. The team with the most goals wins the game.

Handball is a very popular sport in which many public events are held almost exclusively in Europe. Among other things there is for example a handball World Championship, in which the best countries compete. Also here more and more European teams compete as handball outside of Europe is hardly widespread.

In handball, there are some rules that are to be considered. While the body contact between the different players is allowed, however, it is expressly forbidden to tear away the ball, bumping into the other players or to jump. All these are unacceptable methods of game and have a penalty resulted, as for example the loss of ball up to the disqualification of the player’s.

The roots of handball lie back far into the story. So, first games that were very similar to today’s handball already existed in ancient times. The handball but underwent a major development at the beginning of the 20th century. There were already different games played using a network or a basket. From these, this kind of sport evolved into which, as we know it today. At the beginning of the 20th century were numerous official events between different teams and the first international match was held in 1925. Handball has numerous followers and the market for the equipment is booming and there to buy lots of accessories.