Large Carp Fishing

In fisheries I have never been sharandzhii of those who emphasize the installation and always pay more attention to finding the right place for fishing, but I must admit that lately I’m influenced by carp media.

Every month I see a new “best” installation and after a while it becomes easy to otplesnesh assembly.

Maybe you’ve fallen in similar situations when bored while fishing and start doing montages that almost immediately begin to use more of curiosity than for anything else.

One such installation for me was a version of ‘multi rig’. To be fair, he is one of the best modern rigs, but also has its drawbacks. I decided to use it in underwater film that soon I did for a magazine to see how it looks and I was pretty disappointed in most of the choice of the occasion, but it followed the maxim “if it is not broke, do not fix it”.

I had several assembly for fishing where I was sure then why make changes?

Some things just can not be improved. Most of the mounts are not even new, just endless variations on old ones, but there are those who are terrible and are made only to sell sharandzhiite components to make them.

One of the classic rigs for carp, which needs no introduction is “hinged stiff rig”.  It can not deny that this installation is presented beautifully and is behind a long list of big carp caught.

There are many theories why this installation is so effective at catching big carp and I will not bore you as launched into details but it is important to his credit, it is incredible to pursue really big carp.

There are many variations of this installation , but the version that I like to use is very similar to the original installation.

The mobile part of the fishing installation use 25lb Amnesia, which is the most incredible material I’ve ever met. Many of you have seen in magazines assembly for sinking ball with amnesia, which I use for many years and I’ve caught most of the big fish. The hardness is amazing, sometimes deviate from it and use fluorocarbon for improved invisibility, but once you’ve used both material think I’ll stick to amnesia because there are more features that I like.

When fishing using transparent and black occasion depending on where you catch such use black when the bottom is muddy and transparent when it is sandy.

Tie a knot in the form of eight with the 11th number from the swivel hook and number 8 with swivel ring from ledkora.

Original stiff rig is tied with a large swivel at the end of ledkora, but I think this was so, because they were invented swivel with a ring, and I think the mobile ring helps to make ledkora easier to adhere tightly to the bottom, and the hard part installation prevents entanglement him.

For the occasion the hook prefer Gardner’s Trip Wire 20lb, which is just as hard as I need and is super healthy. I prefer to use chod hook with the right cable and hooks Gardner’s Chod are ideal for this purpose. There are several fine detail that I think is worth mentioning. One is the helicopter bead on the leader. It is aerodynamic and has the right size to stop the swivel ring with eighth rate while grabbing ledkora perfect if you have not used them necessarily try. They have always been maddeningly leadcore bead, which glide along ledkora during casting and are bulky and unnatural stand at the bottom of the dam.

There is another detail regarding the use of this installation for fishing and its effectiveness, which may seem strange, but-rubbed some more. I am confident that you’ll love this installation. It takes constant attention to it, not by montages that just tie and throw into the water. You should monitor all elements of the installation they are in proper condition- knots, rings, replace the stopper of ledkora, tightness of the loop-all these things matter. Always check these items, but once you make the right installation and slung it you’ll see it’s worth it.

For me, this installation has earned the title of best fitting for carp fishing. We hope that I have helped remove more fish.