Lady Gaga Appears with Arts in the Eyebrow

Lady Gaga is one of the main current icons of fashion and eccentricity. Is being admired by fans or criticized by haters, the diva of pop lives drawing attention.

Sometimes it’s the hair, the makeup, sometimes there was a time when even the bones of the singer have been featured in the media. But now, what really comes drawing attention is the famous eyebrow.

Recently, in your personal account of Instagram, Lady Gaga comes posting pictures, where every day with a different eyebrow. Have you ever had with glitter eyeliner, Rhinestones, combining with the earring flower sticker, small chains and even chains well grown older falling like a curtain over the eyes. Check it out:

Photos Lady Gaga eyebrow

If you are wondering what, after all, we have to do with the girl’s brow, we respond . The idea of using the eyebrow as beauty accessory can be catching.

Not that the chicks is saindwith glitter on my eyebrow to work or going to the market or anything. But in carnival parades were not few the adept’s of art framing your eyes. In addition, the practice has been seen composing the looks at costume parties and is one of the main focuses of the costumes, both male female andfuturistic films.

Whether in films, on stage or on the catwalks, what cannot be denied is that the eyebrows worked more and more extravagant are gaining space in the present time. And who could deny that in future use the eyebrows every day will be all the rage?

We have to admire the work’s thorough and to have an opportunity where you use these small works of art is not?You would use some kind of more or rhinestones this new Lady Gaga?