La Perla Spring Summer

La Perla presents to us the new collection for spring summer 2012, the new proposals of underwear and bridal lines but also swimsuits with pareo and heads the sea and finally the long-awaited collection Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla. Let’s find out all the news that the fashion brand La Perla reserves to us women to accompany us in every special moment of our lives, from the days that run almost without realizing it to those who will remember forever.

La Perla Spring / Summer 2012: bathing costumes

La Perla presents us with a wide range of costumes bath absolutely fabulous, we chic and female models perfect for all women. La Perla focuses on bikinis and on trikini that we hear in simple version and plain but colorful patterns inspired by Mondrian and style Warhol. Very romantic the pleated bikini with fringes in dove gray and the chic bon ton in canary yellow. If you want a costume that lasts over time and is always sexy and glamorous La Perla go in the store and be overwhelmed by chic and timeless style.

La Perla Spring / Summer 2012: pareo swimsuit and cover

In addition to beautiful swimsuits La Perla also shows us many sarong and swimsuit covers to match with bikini and trikini to go to the beach or to show off in the pool, even for a party that includes a dip in the water.

The brand La Perla presents us classic cover transparent costu

The brand La Perla presents us classic cover transparent costumes made of silkor chiffon but also clothes / t-shirt very glamorous, with a little ‘courage, you can also wear it as the actual clothes.

La Perla Spring / Summer 2012: Lingerie

As each season here is the new collection of underwear signed La Perla, complementing elegant and very sophisticated to wear everyday to feel beautiful and seductive no matter who we sleep next. La Perla offers us simple and easy, but also complete outfits really hot seratine be reserved for very special. In the collection, the brand has also entered the bridal line, a mix in perfect balance of sweetness and seduction in which dominates the pure white.

Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla swimwear Spring / Summer 2012

Also this year Jean Paul Gaultier and La Perla have renewed their cooperation, the great French designer who has just celebrated the first 60 years he packed a chic and seductive collection in which the main theme is the see / do not see, the cuts cut out and mat colors and flashy glam. The Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla costumes are really beautiful and original, if you have some money by not let them get to escape.